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The Bunker Escape
This time you are locked in to a bunker which you must …

Magic Door Escape
Get out of the room by using the items you find in the …

B-B-B-Ballzz! This game requires a stable and fast mous…

Escape the Bathroom Reloa…
Escape the Bathroom Reloaded. Escape the Bathroom all …

Don't pick up hookers.

sea world
sea world puzzle game assemble the photo parts of the s…

jungle world
jungle world puzzle game assemble the photo parts of th…

Easter Mahjong
Play Mahjong with the Easter Bunny. Lots of solvable le…

"One day there was a storm, and the wind blew all the h…

Motorcycle Puzzles
Time to rev up your mind with some fun and challenging …

The Truth Detector
a fun game where you must pick the true statement

Tic Tac Toe
Here is Tic Tac Toe. Can You beat the AI?

Bounded Balls
The game consist to place all the red balls on the red …

Dark Cubes
Can you lower all of the cubes in this techno 3D puzzle…

Contraceptive: Destroy invading sperm before they can i…

Teh Sutpid Kwiz 2
This is the sequel to a very stupid quiz.

Toy Room Escape
Can you escape the toy room?

Escape Dracula's Castle
Escape the castle before the vampires get you.

Barbie Hidden Alphabets
Find Hidden Alphabets and golden coins with Barbie

The Impossible Game
A short, quick and fun game where a player must navigat…

Clean the numbers before the countdown reaches its end.

Teh Stupid Quiz
Win teh stupid quizorz and u maybe get prise?

Pretty princess in the mi…
Pretty princess - online coloring game!

Smart? Got what it takes to PROVE IT? Solve these mind…

Black Button Attack 2
The sequel of the first Black Button Attack

Nemo? Nemo? Where is Nemo? Select the right colors and …

Zorro has just put his mask and is ready for battle! He…

Try your Shrek green colors!

Princess Tiana and frog
Princess Tiana and the frog online coloring

Desperate Cell Escape
Can you escape the manky prison cell?

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