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Jigsaw: Los Angeles Skyli…
Looking up makes my head spin.

Jigsaw: Lookout
Cute little soldier on lookout duty.

Jigsaw: Lonesome
Lonely tree in the middle of mountains.

Jigsaw: Lonely Tree
Lonely tree watching the sky turn gray and dark, and it…

Jigsaw: Lizard
A cute little lizard, don't you think?

Jigsaw: Little Observer
Cute little bird walking on the beach. Observing the ev…

Jigsaw: Little Lake
Shiny dome, shining out over the lake.

Jigsaw: Lioness
You're being watched by this lioness

Jigsaw: Lioncat
Cats always look like they are royalty.

Jigsaw: Limebug
Have a go at the Nasty Hairy Limebug!

Jigsaw: Lighthouse
Helps seamen find their way back home.

Jigsaw: Lemur
Cute little lemur looking for trespassers.

Jigsaw: Leather Boots
Good shoes makes a good runner.

Jigsaw: Leafless Branches
trees aren't that smart. who takes off the clothes when…

Jigsaw: Leaf Veins
Puzzle your way through the veins of this leaf.

Jigsaw: Leaf Squirrel
This cute little squirrel i hiding in the leafs on the …

Jigsaw: Las Vegas
Arial view of Las Vegas

Jigsaw: Lanterns
Beautiful lanterns shining over the water and the sunse…

Jigsaw: Lamps
Let a lamp shine on you in the dark. because then you w…

Jigsaw: Lamp Hall
Wall with arches and lamps.

Jigsaw: Lambs
Two lovely lambs in an Irish field.

Jigsaw: Lake McDonald
Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National P…

Jigsaw: Lajolla Wave
Fresh ocean air and a big wave aiming for someone to kn…

Jigsaw: Ladybug
There are nearly 5,000 different kinds of ladybugs worl…

Jigsaw: Ladrillos
Brown bricks ready to build a house.

Jigsaw: Kyoto Nijo Garden
Castle Nijo-jo was originally built in 1603 as the offi…

Jigsaw: Korcula Islands
White beaches and clear blue sea. Can it be any better.

Jigsaw: Kitty
May I has some cuddle??

Jigsaw: Killer Whale
This wonderful mammal is close related to the dolphins.

Jigsaw: Keyboard
Reveal an artistic keyboard image in this jigsaw puzzle

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