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Games tagged as: construction
Jigsaw: Harburg Town Hall
Old Stone building from the 19th-century in Harburg.

Remember that a helmet is the pledge of safety. Always …

Farming Race
Race the farm among buildings and animals.

Forest Race
Be the fastest bee to fix the holes in this fun race.

Bee Race in the Forest
The forest roads have been destroyed so in a race again…

Jigsaw: Bunratty Castle
A castle in Ireland with a history that goes far back.

Jigsaw: West Palm Beach
Lovely blue colors at the West Palm Beach.

Jigsaw: Monet Bridge
Blue Monet Bridge in a beautiful garden.

Jigsaw: Clock Tower
Clock Tower on Palm Beach.

Jigsaw: Amsterdam Bridges
A puzzle of some bridges in Amsterdam City.

Jigsaw: Sunset In Winter
Pretty evening colors in winter as the sun go down.

Build The City
Build The City: It is a game where you have to build a …

Collect resources to create and upgrade units and to de…

Zombi Attack
You are attacked by a horde of monsters from underworld…

Sim Tower
You build a skyscraper. You are given an initial amount…

Sim City
Economic emulator city. You are measures of the future …

Jigsaw: Nove Hrady Castle
A Castle in the Czech Republic

Jigsaw: Chalet
Nice Chalet on the riverbank in a beautiful setting

Jigsaw: Victoria Station
Victoria Station, Bombay

Jigsaw: The Mission
The San Juan Mission ceiling was constructed with six …

Jigsaw: Church Bell
Can you put this church bell back together?

Jigsaw: Creevykeel
Mystic stone formations from Ireland.

Jigsaw: Old Barn
A fun little jigsaw puzzle of an old barn on a field

Jigsaw: Farmers Market
Enjoy this jigsaw of the dome on the Farmers Market in …

Jigsaw: River Dock
Take brake by the docks.

Jigsaw: Bigo
This lift rises to a height of 40 meters and provides p…

Jigsaw: Cold Bridge
Isn't the winter wonderful.

Jigsaw: Sighisoara House
House hiding in the bushes.

Jigsaw: Church Tower
Church tower seems like falling down.

Jigsaw: Stairway
It is time to step away.

Jigsaw: Winter Resort
Take a holiday in this winter resort.

Jigsaw: Roof Windows
A little morning sunshine in the bedroom windows.

Jigsaw: Annunziata Church…
Time for some architectural education. Enjoy these piec…

Jigsaw: Room Old Style
Designers doing it old style.

Jigsaw: Monterey
House hanging over the sea.

Jigsaw: Balboa
Beautiful park building.

Jigsaw: Balboa
Beautiful park building.

Jigsaw: Japanese Cottage
Relaxing surrounding in a Japanese cottage.

Jigsaw: Barn Window
Classical red barn with a white window.

Jigsaw: Stone Formation
Stone shaped like a roof and some pillars.

Jigsaw: Blue Hall
Hall of praying in the temple of heaven.

Jigsaw: Wooden Bridge
A cross the bridge the green land lays so pretty.

Jigsaw: Terrace Flat
looking up at flats that all look the same.

Jigsaw: Cityscape
Both new and old buildings are a part of a city landsca…

Jigsaw: Mini Eiffel Tower
If you cant visit the real thing mini Eiffel will have …

Balance Zone
In this addicting physics game you need to get the 2 pl…

Jigsaw: Roof
Climbing the roof like Santa Claus.

Jigsaw: Pump House
Beautiful British building.

Jigsaw: Stained Glass
Pretty picture in stained glass.

Jigsaw: NY University
Going to a university? Or just puzzling around the thou…

Jigsaw: Carmelo Bridge
Carmelo Bridge in Brazil.

Take It Down XP
Destroy the blocks to safely demolish the building in t…

Jigsaw: The Albert
A cozy little pub in the middle of London.

Jigsaw: Wooden Chair
Put your chair out in the nice weather and enjoy the ou…

Jigsaw: Clamp
This clamp will keep thnigs in place for your.

Jigsaw: Apocalypse
Scary red thunder sky over a church.

Jigsaw: Mountain Houses
Mountain landscape is beautifuk and no wonder people se…

Jigsaw: Red Ruins
Red rocks in an old ruin building. There is a lot of hi…

Jigsaw: Vegas Hotel
Colorful hotel buildings in Las Vegas.

Jigsaw: Oldtown Lighthous…
Lonely white lighthouse up on the hill.

Jigsaw: Old Stone Bridge
An overgrown old bridge that are useless now because it…

Jigsaw: Book Tunnel
Fabulous book tunnel. Heavy reading indeed.

Jigsaw: Stone Hut
Cute little stone hut in the middle of nowhere.

Jigsaw: Houses of Parliam…
The meeting place of the two houses of the Parliament o…

Jigsaw: Aqueduct
Old aqueduct in Oaxaca. It is good water now run under …

Jigsaw: Escalator
Step by step the higher we go. But if we stand still we…

Babel Tower Builder
Tower Construction Game. Build the 20 different stru…

Babel Tower Builder
Tower Construction Game. Build the 20 different stru…

Take It Down
Destroy the blocks to demolish the building under the l…

Isoball 3
The third installment of the smash hit puzzle series, I…

Jigsaw: Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bri…

Jigsaw: Wooden Cottage
A cute wooden cottage on the country

Jigsaw: Castle
The Hluboka Castle in Czech Republic

Jigsaw: Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge is 244 m long and was completed in 1894, a…

Jigsaw: Prague Park
A nice park in Prague with a rather awesome house in th…

Jigsaw: Ferris Wheel
Enjoy a trip with this ferris wheel!

Jigsaw: Golden Gate
The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco was finished in…

Jigsaw: Bridge
A solid bridge

Jigsaw: Fountains Abbey
Fountains Abbey in North Yorkshire, England, is a ruine…

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